Looking for an unforgettable adventure for young kids, rugged athletes or just for everyone else?

We've got one of the hottest ones from around the world. Aerial Adventure Hilton Head brings it to you on 6 amazing courses for a 2 hour thrill. These invigorating obstacle courses for all abilities, easy to hard, let you enjoy many of the 50 obstacles, many with lowcountry themes as you take your creative journey through the trees.

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HHI is about outdoor fun so there are challenge activities celebrating the water and sailing, fishing, knee boarding, kayaking, and boating as well as the land include mud stomping, sliding, hoola hooping, frisbee tossing, and climbing.

Another theme is a "hats off" to the Military, serving as a tribute to the many military members in our extended community. These are obstacles typically found on a military course and represent some of our most challenging events including the Burma Bridge, Climbing Wall, Parris Island Crossing, The Tube Netting and the Commando Crawl.

The beauty of Hilton Head's natural environment of beaches, waterfront, and wildlife is saluted in challenge activities called Sea Shell Bridge, Gators in the Grass, Fish in the Sea, Osprey Nest, and Gator Zip.

Go at your own pace on our green (easy and kid-friendly), blue (intermediate and you'll be challenged) and black (tough and for the pumped) courses. You self-guide yourself, one follows the next, wearing harnesses and helmets. Don't forget the close-toed athletic shoes you must have to soar thru your course.

This is the perfect birthday party treat or bridal shower twist. And zip next door to our Up the Creek Pub & Grill to chow down and drink up after. Groups are welcomed and company outings too. Aerial Adventure is for ages 5 and up which makes it a perfect family event.

We're located with ZipLine Hilton Head and many other adventures that make Broad Creek Marina Adventures a one stop thrill shop.

Advance purchase is highly recommended. We tend to sell out quickly!

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Aerial Adventure Hilton Head Requirements

We want you to have a super day at Broad Creek Marina Adventures but there are requirements we need you to follow to make the most of your Aerial Adventure Hilton Head Challenge:
      BEFORE you book, please review the following requirements:

    • Everyone must sign the Participation Agreement upon arrival.
    • Participants must NOT be pregnant.
    • Participants must NOT be under the influence of ANY drugs or alcohol.
    • Everyone must meet age, height and weight requirements to participate on the different challenge courses, according to their level of difficulty. Everyone must be of sound body and mind capable of performing specific safety tasks independently. Please review the age matrix for our courses in the FAQs.
    • If your medical care provider has instructed you to wear a cast or splint as a result of a recent injury or surgery, we must exercise particular caution for your safety. If you arrive in a cast, you will not be eligible for participation or refund upon your arrival. If you wear a preventative brace from an old or pre-existing condition, your medical provider must clear you for participation in outdoor activities such as ours and the brace cannot come between you and your safety gear.
    • ALL climbers must be at least 42" tall to participate on the Aerial Adventure challenge course.
    • ALL climbers must be at least 48" tall to participate on any course without an adult escort to assist them.
    • Any climber under 48" tall will fail to complete many aspects of the course without an adult escort, and participants should reserve accordingly. Additional height requirements may be applicable for participation on advanced courses, which is at the facilitating rangers' discretion.
    • Participation on the Intermediate 'Blue' Courses requires the climbers or their adult escorts to be able to reach at least 6'5" high to successfully traverse the courses.
    • Participation on the Advanced 'Black' Courses requires the climbers or their adult escorts to be able to reach at least 6'4" high to successfully traverse the courses.
    • The weight restriction is a maximum of 265 pounds.
    • All participants must be able to use arms and legs to traverse active components of the course.

      BEFORE you arrive, please review the following requirements:

    • Participants are required to arrive 30 minutes prior to their adventure start time.
    • Participants should wear well-fitting clothing that does not allow anything to hang loose or get tangled in the cables and rope. Bathing suits, scarves, skirts and dresses are not permitted.
    • Sneakers or hiking shoes are REQUIRED.
    • Flip-flops, water shoes and sandals are not appropriate and will not be allowed.
    • *Tom's Shoes, Sperrys, Loafers, Crocs, Keens, Tevas and Clogs are not permitted. Shoes must have a rubber athletic sole and fitted heel.
    • Slip-ons are not permitted, nor are shoes with leather soles.
    • Toe-Shoes or Five-Finger Shoes are not permitted.
    • Aerial Adventure Hilton Head reserves the right to make decisions about appropriate footwear at the time of the adventure.

      Please review these Requirements regarding your participation:

    • All participants must read and understand all instructions.
    • All participants must get specific training in using all safety and permanently installed equipment on the ropes courses.
    • All participants must understand and accept the risks involved.
    • All participants must disclose ALL relevant medical information to your Rangers and during your booking. This includes but is not limited to: recent surgeries, sprains, strains, pulls, broken bones, stitches, and any condition requiring medication - such as allergies, asthma, heart conditions, diabetes, etc.
    • If you or a member of your party is mentally or physically handicapped, this must also be conveyed to your Rangers. This includes disclosing ANY spectrum disorder. Please bear in mind that although lifestyles may not be altered by these concerns, we will ultimately have to alter operation of our adventures to accommodate those with needs exceeding a typical client's.
    • Understand that any signing guardian for any participant under the age of 18 is responsible for that participant throughout the duration of their adventure.
    • Timeslots and tickets are reserved only for the individual signing the participation agreement as a participant: tickets are non-transferable after the start time of the adventure, and any participants who come off the adventure course and have gotten out of the gear due to fear or exhaustion or discipline are not eligible to restart their adventure, nor transfer the remaining time to another member of their party.

      Upon arrival, and while Traversing or Observing ZipLine Canopy Tour you must follow these requirements:

    • All participants must use all equipment safely and as directed.
    • Participants MUST start with the course required by age: 13 and under MUST successfully complete a green course before starting a blue course. A blue course must be successfully completed before starting any black course.
    • Do not carry phones, cameras, or any other objects that may fall or distract you or others. This includes removing ALL items from your pockets as many course elements are built above one another.
    • Cameras with a wrist strap that can be attached to your harness are permitted at your own risk, as are GoPro style mounted cameras - please bring your mounting hardware or straps. Please understand that the nature of the Aerial Adventure increases the likelihood of damage to your device more than the ZipLine canopy tour.
    • Jewelry, watches, FitBits and bracelets are not recommended unless they cannot slip off or their hasps cannot come undone while in use during vigorous activity.
    • Do not smoke anywhere in the park, we are a Non-Smoking Facility.
    • Carry out all objects that you bring into the park, including all trash.
    • All participants must obey any and all instructions given by Rangers.
    • During unusual weather conditions, you may be asked to evacuate the Park. (i.e. thunderstorms)
    • Facilities' Staff reserves the right to remove anyone from the Aerial Park who is unable or unwilling to perform all safety tasks independently, or who is in breach of the safety rules.

      Age and Requirement FAQs:

      What courses are kids allowed to climb by age?

      • Please see chart below that shows which courses each age group can climb:

      Is there a height, age or weight restriction?

      Please review our Rules and Requirements for reference as there are height and age restrictions as to which courses can be traversed.

      • Whenever adult participation is required the appropriate adult/child ratio must be met. All adult escorts are charged as paying participants and have access to all 6 of our routes during their adventure.
      • Minors aged 5-6 may only climb on our two Green Courses and MUST be escorted by an adult in a 1-1 ratio (1 adult per 1 child).
      • Minors aged 7-9 may traverse the Green Courses and the Blue Courses but MUST be accompanied by an adult (1 adult per 2 children).
      • Minors aged 10-13 may traverse the Blue Courses but MUST be supervised by an adult who is remaining on the property. 10-13 year olds can traverse the Single Black Diamond Course but MUST be accompanied by an adult (1 adult per 2 children).
      • Minors aged 14-15 may traverse the Single Black Diamond Course but MUST be supervised by an adult who is remaining on the property. 14-15 year olds MUST have an adult escort for the Double Black Diamond Course (1 adult per 2 children).
      • Ages 16+ are free to traverse all our courses without an adult escort, but anyone under 18 must be signed for by a guardian who is responsible for the participant for the entire duration of the adventure.
      • Any minor or a parent or guardian who lists the age of any participant dishonestly or inaccurately not only falsifies information on a legally binding contract but also increases the risk of injury to the child, the escort, our rangers and the other participants on the adventure course.
      • Regarding a weight restriction, the limit is 265 pounds.

      Ticketing FAQs:

        What are the ticket prices?
      • Adventure rate for 2 hour duration is $49.00 + tax
        What is the duration of the adventure ticket?
      • Your adventure ticket is valid for 2 hours. You are encouraged to be prepared prior to your ticket's start time (i.e. restrooms, snacks and dressed properly) to maximize your time in the park. Ticket sales end 2 hours before closing.
        Are reservations required?
      • Reservations are highly recommended for participation as timeslots are booked on a first come, first served basis. We cannot hold spots for any group or individual without accepting payment for that spot. No time spots may be guaranteed until payment is received. Groups need to make reservations in order to receive group pricing (group pricing starts for groups of 8 or more). For more information, please call 843-682-6000.
        Is a ticket required to watch my friends/family climb?
      • Tickets are only required for guests who are climbing. Feel free to walk around our adventure park and observe or take pictures! We have trails and benches scattered throughout the park for observers.
        Are private or group lessons available?
      • All participants will be provided adequate training, so lessons are not required. Due to legal and insurance-related restrictions, our Rangers are not able to act as escorts for minors through the courses.

      Availability FAQs:

        Can I book a tour or adventure for just one participant?
      • Yes. However, due to the nature of the activities offered at ZipLine Hilton Head and Aerial Adventure Hilton Head, we cannot schedule tours or adventures with only 1 participant flying or climbing. We apologize in advance if an open tour time is not available to book until more participants have scheduled for that time. Because of these limitations, it is possible (though rare) that a single participant may be asked to reschedule a reservation for a different time slot if a scheduling conflict arises for all other participants previously booked for that tour or adventure.
        How does your seasonal availability change?
      • Our seasonal availability is based on the expected demand from several years' experience. During the off-season, tour times and bookings may become unavailable due to weather or other operational needs. Please review the open days and tour times before booking your adventure, and remember that we always insist on making reservations in advance.
        Can the aerial adventure courses operate in the rain?
      • Aerial Adventure Hilton Head is still fun while it is raining. However, the park will close for severe weather such as heavy rain, thunderstorms and high winds. If small storm systems are moving through the area we try to stay open and ask our guests to take a break while they pass. Call before you travel to confirm the operating schedule.

      Participation FAQs:

        What clothing should I wear?
      • Wear well-fitting clothing that does not allow anything to hang loose or get tangled in cables and rope. Long hair and jewelry should not be left loose. Dresses, skirts, and bathing suits are not permitted. Rubber-soled sneakers or hiking shoes are required; all shoes must have closed-toes and a fitted heel. Flip-flops, water shoes, clogs, slip-ons, Tom's, Crocs, Sperrys, Tevas, Keens, sandals and water shoes are not permitted - please see our rules and requirements for detailed information regarding footwear.
        What equipment is provided?
      • A Harness, helmet and gloves are provided with your admission ticket.
        Do I have to be really fit to do the course?
      • Most people that lead an active lifestyle and are in good health should not have any difficulty in completing many of the courses. You are able to proceed at a pace that is comfortable to you. You are also welcome to leave the ropes course and take a break within your 2 hours. Depending on age and physical ability, even the green courses can be challenging for our younger participants, the blue courses may provide a significant challenge for some, and the black courses are very challenging.
        How difficult are the ropes courses?
      • The courses range from easier (Green) to expert (Double Black Diamond). Relative to each person's ability, the courses are very manageable but become more physically challenging as you progress to more difficult courses. If you have not been up in the air before you may be unsettled at first about being 12 feet above the ground on a Green course, 24 feet above the ground on a Blue course, or 36 feet for each of our Black courses. Very quickly you will begin to have fun with the challenges and the height above the ground will not be your main focus. Your focus becomes being balanced and efficient on each bridge and activity you are crossing. You will be secure and safe in your harness while on the courses because you are Always Attached. Aerial Adventure Hilton Head Rangers are in charge and in control of your accessing each course and the main tower hub.
        How early should I arrive for the Adventure?
      • Please arrive 30 minutes prior to the start time of your Adventure. All participants must fill out a participation agreement before being allowed on either the canopy tour or the Aerial Adventure. All minors must have their participation agreement signed by a parent or guardian in addition to their own signatures. Participants will also meet the guides and rangers who will be conducting their tour or adventure and learn information that is specific to the tour site. Due to the nature of our operation and tour site, it is not possible to delay tour and adventure start times. If we cannot reschedule your tour or adventure, you will not be eligible for a refund. We request that you arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled tour time so that not only your experience is the best that it can be, but also that the other participants of your tour (and the later tours and adventures that would also be delayed) do not have their experiences tarnished by your tardiness.

      Aerial Adventure Hilton Head Site Specific FAQs:

        What food services are available?
      • There will be water coolers on the course for rehydration, as well as at check-in. Bottled water, G2 Gatorade and light snacks are available for purchase at the Course Adventure Store.
      • Full-service meals can be purchased at Up the Creek Pub and Grill located right next door. Please remember that no participants may be under the influence of any drugs or alcohol while on our property.
        Are we allowed to bring our own food?
      • Because our adventure times operate on schedule we recommend having eaten before you arrive to participate on tour or your adventure. Anyone with dietary restrictions or medical conditions requiring food should bring that with them. No glass bottles please.
        Is there a fee for parking?
      • No, parking is free for all guests.
        How can I contact you?
      • Information for contacting course offices can be found on the Contact Us page or by calling 843-682-6000.
        Are Aerial Adventure Hilton Head gift certificates available?
      • Yes, they can be purchased at the course check-in kiosk.

      Safety FAQs:

        Is the Adventure Park certified?
      • Designed by Challenge Design Innovations, The Park is built to the standards of the ACCT (Association of Challenge Course Technology) specifications, among the most stringent challenge course safety standards in the world.
        What is your Weather Policy?
      • The Adventure Park is Open Rain or Shine, so we recommend dressing for the weather! In the event of severe weather (such as thunder, lightning, or high winds) the courses may close. Although we are unable to offer refunds, in the event of any course or park closures, your time may be extended, or vouchers will be made available for you to use towards future climbs that season!